Infrared sauna

The so-called. An infrared sauna is an excellent option for people who can not use a traditional dry or wet sauna for various reasons. In well-known high temperature saunas we will meet with high humidity. For many such conditions for health reasons are not recommended by doctors. Well-known saunas and infrared heat influence. In the latter, for this purpose, infrared rays are used, which heat our body directly, not like in the case of traditional saunas through the conditions maintained inside the room. A positive aspect, which is worth noting is the fact that as much as 80% of this energy penetrates deep into our body giving us many benefits. Infrared rays transform into heat that warms up the subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscles and internal organs. The temperature with which we have contact oscillates between 25 and 60 ° C, so the session may take longer, which promotes better well-being and a more effective effect on the figure. It is worth emphasizing that regular sessions in the infrared sauna will help eliminate excessive fat tissue by stimulating metabolism and metabolism.

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